Currently one of the most widely played instruments, the recorder is mainly associated with elementary music education. What lies behind its reputation as an easy-to-play low cost instrument and what is it, that appeals to the imagination of many, including professional players?

The chats with Bob and Frans alone make this film worth a viewing; and the cinematography is striking, whether it s of Bobs workshop in the woods and his attempt to dismantle a beavers dam, the neon-lit bustle of Tokyos main streets, or a cabbage white butterfly (that ancient symbol of the soul) in Tuscanys beautiful afternoon light. [Calliope s Sister]

MusicFrameFilms2011. total time: 37 m

Subtitles: English, Dutch, German,, Japanese, Korean,, Spanish


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The Utrecht String Quartet and director Daniel Brueggen bring homage to the most famous of Dutch composers.

Three contemporary composers arranged a keyboard work of Sweelinck for String Quartet. The Chromatic Fantasy, Mein junges Leben hat ein End and the Phrygian Fantasy.

Every work is combined with a short film by Daniel Brueggen, in which he captures the music in images. An impressive homage. [American Recorder]

Wundervolle Kamerafahrten durch die Oude Kerk, ueber die Daecher von Amsterdam, all das laesst die Musik wieder in einem anderen Zusammenhang erscheinen. Wir erfahren Sweelinck s Musik in grandioser kammermusikalischer Interpretation. [Ensemble]

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Egidius Quartet. The Leiden Choirbooks.

The DVD The making of...tells the story of the Egidius Quartet’s first encounter with the Leiden Choirbooks at the Leiden archive, resulting in the CD-recording and premiere-concert at the famous Pieterskerk in Leiden.

Directed by Daniel Brueggen

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Master Makers by Daniel Brueggen

crafting recorders after originals

The recorder makers presented on this DVD were interviewed around the time the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet ended its activities. Encounters with recorder makers were always part of our touring and proved inspiring events for me. Their pioneering achievements definitely called for documentation. While Ricercata (2011) explored the recorder s personality more broadly, Master Makers zooms in on the perspective of those creating the instruments themselves. In five individual portraits, influential 20th century masters of the craft share their history, motivation and opinions. Together, they offer a fascinating account of the recorder s redefinition as an historical instrument after World War II.

Featuring Friedrich von Huene, Martin Skowroneck, Hermann Moeck, Bob Marvin and Frederick Morgan

MusicFrameFilms©2017 Language: English/German Total time: 1h 43m PAL dvd


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observations of an organ builder

'This is one of the most interesting and, indeed, moving DVDs I have watched on the organ or its construction (and I have watched this one three times).....An engaging DVD and apt memorial to an important defender, and scholar-player, of the historic organ.. ' Organists' Review            Francis O’Gorman

In his youth Klaas Veltman was fascinated by the sound of original organs in the province of Groningen and went on to become organist, organ builder and voicer. In The Colour of Air he shares his expert observations regarding tone colour, the intonation of organ pipes, and the dilemmas encountered when aiming to preserve instruments in the spirit of historic authenticity. A portrayal of living sound through the eyes and ears of a remarkably passionate and dedicated organ builder, featuring the instruments in Krewerd, Huizinge, Mensingeweer and Meeden in Groningen, and the organ in Wiefelstede, Germany.


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SOUND AND SOUL   -  Performd by Kees Boek and Walter van Hauwe in a film by Daniel Brueggen Recorder Collection of Frans Brueggen

Historical instruments, together with the study of rhetoric, performance practice, and original scores and parts, to construct a period ear for the baroque period. It turned Frans Brueggen (1934–2014) into one of the revolutionaries of the historical performance practice. In 1966 he bought his first eighteenth-century recorder and in 1981, when acquiring the sopranino by Hallett, the collection counted 17 instruments and he considered it complete.

His recorders were not meant to stay in a case and be looked at. They are there to be played, even if briefly, and resurrect as much as possible the sound and soul of baroque music. His pupils and friends Kees Boeke and Walter van Hauwe play all 17 instruments, including those that Frans did not record, in the environment of the eighteenth-century collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.  Machtelt Brueggen-Israëls

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