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Daniël Brüggen

/ Director

Residence Bussum

My Story

Daniel Brueggen studied recorder at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam where he graduated as a soloist in 1983. He is teaching at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and is a visiting professor and Honorary Associate at the Royal Academy of Music in London, coaching early music ensembles as well as recorder consort. Since 2001 he is active as a filmmaker and director and did a variety of productions including classical videoclips, concerts a.o. Royal Wind Music, Zefiro, L Armonia Sonora and documentaries such as Sweelinck 2008, The Leiden Choirbooks 2010, Ricercata 2011, Pianoforte Collections 2014, Early Music Icons 2014 (the Kuijken brothers), Palestrina 2016, Master Makers 2017

Although watching music making onscreen, is quite different from attending the live event itself, a music performance on video can be a delightful experience.

My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 2008 Royal Wind Music Zefiro
  • 2008 L Armonia Sonora
  • 2008 Sweelinck documentary
  • 2010 Leiden Choirbooks
  • 2011 Ricercata

My Award

  • Year Film Title Award(s)

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